Since 1923, Gebrüder Schaffrath have been awakening the radiant soul of the diamond and clothing it in an exquisite setting. In doing so, it has become a tradition that they use only the most precious materials and the highest quality gemstones in handcrafting each piece with great care.

In its fourth generation of family ownership, Gebrüder Schaffrath offers diamond pieces unlike any other - featuring patented setting techniques that ensure every angle of brilliance and colour is uncovered.

The certificate 'Graduierte Sicherheit' confirms the authenticity of every piece and is a symbol of true quality. Schaffrath unleashes a diamond's fire in revolutionary collections with distinct personality and charisma that distinguish these wearable pieces of art from mere jewellery.

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Liberte Ring

Schaffrath Retailers

Exclusive Retailer for Australia and New Zealand

Vendome By Appointment - Sydney. Phone 02 8069 2316


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Luxury Goods Australia Pty Limited, Phone: +61 2 9007 5330

Liberte Ring